Welcome to Aurora Periodontal Care. Dr. Dayan is a Harvard-trained periodontist who takes a comprehensive approach to the management of periodontal diseases and missing teeth. Beyond providing comfortable and successful periodontal care, we want to provide hope. We offer the latest and least invasive techniques for the treatment of gum recession without palatal harvest. This means you can be comfortably back to work the next day! Dr. Dayan has been trained in the use of AlloDerm® at the Center for Advanced Education by the pioneer of the technique, and has treated more than 500 cases of gum recession with successful results.

Dr. Dayan has been certified in implant dentistry by the prestigious Misch Implant Institute. If you are missing teeth, our implant services can improve your appearance, help you eat the foods you love, boost your self confidence, and allow you to speak with greater clarity.

Our wellness model caters to your specific needs. The blueprint for proper healing and a lifetime of good oral health involves making good decisions about nutrition, managing stress, and using proper hygiene techniques. Let's begin working toward your personal goals of oral and overall well-being together.

At Aurora Periodontal Care, we take a total quality approach toward our work responsibilities. We have a track record for exceeding the educational requirements for licensure by fourfold! We want to do the right things in the right way. Cleanliness and safety are of utmost concern to our entire team and we properly maintain all equipment necessary for the successful execution of our responsibilities.

If you or someone you know has gum recession or missing teeth, please call our office today at 781-894-3223 or email us at .