Aurora Periodontal

"My appearance is an important part of my occupation in that I often appear on camera to provide legal commentary. Dr. Dayan and I agreed that the use of AlloDerm was the best course of treatment for my receding gum condition. Not only was the procedure painless, but the healing time was minimal. In fact, I was back on camera the next day - with vitually no visible signs of the procedure. I appreciate Dr. Dayan's sensitivity to my lifestyle, her positive and informative attitude and her compassionate manner."
Kim W., patient

"I needed gum grafting on a few teeth and was nervous about the process, having heard stories of uncomfortable procedures and painful, long recovery times. My experience with Dr. Dayan and her team couldn't have been further from my fears. From the moment I met them, I felt comfortable and actually ended up looking forward to going in for the various steps in the process. They explained everything in such great detail and were completely available for any questions before and after the procedure. Her grafting technique is truly amazing. I left surgery thrilled with the results and was back to work the next day. I cannot recommend Dr. Dayan and her team highly enough - they are truly committed to what they do and show a true passion for their work, a real enjoyment in getting to know their patients, and genuine care in making sure all of their unique needs and concerns are addressed."
Brad B., patient

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